Savvice Corporation Continues Its Commitment To Excellence And Quality With ISO Certification

MANILA, Philippines—As of December 29, 2023, SAVVICE Corporation, a business division of the MPT Mobility (the innovations arm of the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation), has achieved ISO 9000:2015 Certification for Quality Management Systems for its services and operations.

SAVVICE believes that the value in ensuring operational efficiency and value-added solutions goes above and beyond what is quantifiable. “With our meticulous recruitment, intensive training, and ISO-certified ultra-efficient processes and solutions, our team of experts works in the background so you, our customers, can focus on what you need to do,” says Arnaldo S. Villados, SAVVICE President and General Manager.  With its current fleet of more than 350 units, including its rental vehicle, heavy maintenance equipment, and tow trucks, and its recently established fleet-management partnership with Yokohama Tire Sales Philippines, Inc. SAVVICE is set on proving itself as the leading Operations and Maintenance (O&M) company, as it continues to cater to the country's top corporations.

 As the company behind much of major Roadway Systems services (such as Temcrete, a National Structural Code of the Philippines-compliant and patented prefabricated concrete fence system designed to protect properties and Thermoplastic Pavement Marking, a major component of road safety designed traffic and parking delineations as well as legend work, typically recommended for use on high-volume road networks and airports), SAVVICE demonstrates the kind of range that necessitates ISO Certification—not only a symbol of good service but also a fundamental process in maintaining international standards.

 As a rule, organizations are required to identify and address risks and opportunities that could affect the achievement of intended outcomes, their own ability to enhance customer satisfaction, and the conformity of products and services. With this third-party affirmation, SAVVICE meets the prerequisites for enhancing customer experience in a standardized fashion, such as employing the latest quality process standards as set by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO).


“We were more than happy to assure motorists that we regularly strive to be better, and this is one significant way to do so,” adds Mr. Villados. “Improving ourselves and holding ourselves accountable is a must if we are to continue serving.”

 The top 10 companies in the Philippines with similar certification—largely in the business of logistics—along with many others, have reaped the benefits, such as improved efficiency in management systems, as well as in product/service delivery and development.

For customers, this directly impacts their experience with everything a relevant organization aims to provide, guaranteeing reliable service and enhanced service traceability, which is crucial in the intersectional space that SAVVICE occupies. 9001:2015, in particular, also measures a company’s ability to identify, address, and minimize the likelihood of risks and issues that could affect customer experience.

SAVVICE Corporation has been a provider of end-to-end operations and maintenance services (Fleet Management, Facilities, Routine, Tollways and General Maintenance, Traffic Management including Roadside Assistance, Roadway Systems, etc.) for over 20 years.  Since its transfer under MPT Mobility, it has been poised to evolve into a technology-led business that helps road travelers adapt to the changes of a world that grows increasingly more digital.

“We like to say that we’re a private company that works in the interest of public service,” says MPT Mobility Director Rodrigo E. Franco. “The different teams and I collectively operate on the belief that good work will always show. And we are happy to assure our customers in any way that their experience is what matters to us, and I think it is pertinently reflected in this certification.”

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